What to Expect While Working Together!

Want to work with me? Awesome! Here is a quick guide on what to expect when working together on your project.

1) Start by reaching out to me via email (raelyn@westendny.com), phone call, contact form on website, or text (716-289-3380)! Give me a brief overview of your project and any major details that stand out. I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

2) I’ll send you a questionnaire to jump a little more in depth before our first consultation. Questions will get into detail about goals, style/inspiration, budget, timeline, etc.

3) After I receive the questionnaire and confirm we are a good fit to work together, I’ll reach out to schedule a free consultation. Consultations are meetings at your home to speak about the project even more in depth. We will address all goals, priorities, and concerns at this meeting. I can answer any questions you have about the process, help you figure out a final budget, and take into consideration anything you want to keep or incorporate in the new design. Consultations are casual, relaxed, and a judgement free zone. My goal is to get to know how you AND how you use the space so I can design around your needs.

4) I write an estimate for design services.  After speaking to you on site and snapping some pictures, I compile all information and write an estimate for design services. Although every single quote is different, here is a general overview of what to expect: 

  1. A clear outline of the project goals, budget, and timeline.
  2. The project is broken down into phases. These phases will include:
    1. Measuring the Space, Computer Input, & Floor Plan/Elevation creations 
    2. 3D Renderings and Finish Selections 
    3. Fixture Selections 
    4. Project Management 
    5. Install/Styling

(for more info on what the above process physically looks like, check out my blog post on the design process here!)

5) After you sign the design estimate and contract, a 50% retainer of hours estimated is collected. The remaining balance for the design services is broken down in your contract. Each project varies.

Disclaimer: *Although I am excellent at estimating my time needed for a project, this is just an estimate and therefor can change if the job scope evolves as we work together* 

6) I get designing! The timeline from here on out is very custom based on the scope of work. But for example purposes lets use a kitchen gut job. From the time the contract is signed, until the first contractor walkthrough is usually around 5 weeks. During this time we will meet multiple times to go over layouts, finishes, and fixtures, and I continuously evolve them until we reach the perfect design. 

6A) Contractor Walk through - After the walk through, it’s usually one week for an estimate making the entire process (not including construction work) around 6 -7 weeks. If there is major demo and reconstruction happening, we will have to get an architect or structural engineer involved at this point for stamped drawings.

6B) You decide on a contractor. I am always happy to recommend who I think would work best on the job, go over multiple quotes, give my opinion, but ultimately it is your decision. You sign a contract with the contractor’s company directly and I am not involved.

7) I get ordering! Once you decide on a contractor and get a start date, we spend that money! I have an invoicing system that allows you to approve and select which items to buy all in one place. This takes out the hassle of ordering from multiple vendors, and streamlines everything so I can keep track of orders. You can order and pay with a click on your phone! Orders will be shipped directly to your home unless otherwise noted.

8) You start purging, organizing, and mentally preparing for a renovation. Renovations can be tough! I’m here to help guide you through the process and keep your sanity. Once things start arriving to your home, I’ll stop over and label everything for ease of the contractor & homeowner. There is *always* some sort of damaged product, broken tiles, etc. that happen during shipping. I will make sure all damages are taken care of and the product is replaced or you are refunded. 

9) Construction Starts! If you hire me to project manage until the construction is over (highly recommend…) I’m still here making sure everything is going well. Choosing to hire me to project manage makes sure that 

a) the contractor comes to me with any questions regarding technical or design decisions first. I come up with a solution and present it to you

b) I keep the contractor’s work and budget in check with regular stops at the job site for quality control

c) I can problem solve and tweak the design if needed

10) Final install. This is where all of the furniture and accessories we picked come into play! I spend a day styling your home with things new and old and prepare it to be photographed. The project is photographed and you have a beautiful renovated and styled home! Tada!